KWCUSA Covid-19 Statement

The Karaoke World Championships has always taken the safety and well being of the vocal community seriously. From our Directors, Team Captains, Judges and Singers to supporters, we all want to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to keep everyone safe and singing well into the future.

Like many international organizations the KWCUSA has been effected by the Novel Corona Virus Covid-19 pandemic both here and around the world.  Over the past 18 years the Karaoke World Championships has been dedicated to providing the stage for amateur singers from around the world and from all walks of life to share their talents around the globe. This year due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic that stage will be a Virtual one with the first ever Karaoke World Championships Online World Finals 2020 being held November 2nd –7th 2020.

With the temporary forced closure of many team venue locations, we will be following the local, state, and national guidleines before allowing for any in person auditions as these states reopen for business.  

You may still audition for your spot in nationals using video audition submissions under 2020 Registration.

We invite you to audition now for your spot in the KWCUSA National Finals Event leading to the Finals round being held through the program Keep on Singing! Keep on Singing! Is a proven 4 week vocal and performance training competition to help train and select the members of Team USA for 2020. 

Audition Rounds will be open in 2-week segments and the top 5 singers from each round will move on to the National competition level.  

We look forward to safely gathering with you all again and unitl that time... Keep on Singing!


Experience the Sport of Singing!

Patrick Clark- WA
Josh Quinn--MN
Becca Hayes Washburn- AZ
Aaron Young--OH
Beth Brennan- MN

The Karaoke World Championships is a truly one of a kind opportunity for aspiring singers from all walks of life around the globe, to perform on a world stage. KWC USA produced by Epic Performance Productions, is the only organization in the United States affiliated with the Karaoke World Championships Organization.

 It is our goal to find the best singers the country has to offer to represent the United States of America at the  Karaoke World Championships World Finals. At participating local venues, singers will try out for a venue team. Each trial round will place the top few singers of the night into a KWCUSA Venue Team selection finals at that location.  The Venue Teams will move on to compete against other venue teams inm a state chapter or charter finals or directly to nationals depending on the teams level of involvement in the KWCUSA  competition season.

The top 3 Chapter or Charter Finalists along with 1 Wild Card Singer then move on to the KWCUSA National FInals in Las Vegas NV!

At the National Finals, up to 100  Vocal Athletes and State Champions from all over the country will come together in an attempt to become the US National Champion or US National Champion Duet Team* to represent the U.S.A. in the KWC World Finals Event as a member of Team USA. 

(*KWCUSA Duets is a separate division than solos) 

2020 KWC World Finals will be held Online! 


USA World Champions


The Karaoke World Championship USA had another fantastic competition season for the 2019 season.  The US team  faced the highest level of talent yet at the world finals in Japan and  has shown the world the phenomenal talent that can be found all over our diverse nation.

In the solo division the competition was even harder as each year every country pushes harder and harder  to find the very best talent around their nations, the the US being no exception.  The talent within the National Finals alone ensured that the US would continue it's strong presence on the international stage.

Michael White who earned the National title represented well in Tokyo, Japan taking the rank of 5th place against around 25 other countries singers at the  World Finals.

DeOnzell Green who earned the second place Silver Medal also showed the world her phenomenal talents making it to the semi final round .  

The US Duet Team of Valerisse Bell and Ishma Clark continued a strong showing for the US taking the Bronze Medal at the World Finals in Tokyo, Japan for 2019.  

All of these incredible artists have  done an amazing job representing our nation and we look forward to the upcoming year,  and the search for the next world champions starting with hearing local talent all around the country in the upcoming 2020  KWCUSA competition year!   

Michael White-FL
Solo Division: Gold Medal Winner KWCUSA 2019 
KWC World Ranked 5th Place Finalists
DeOnzell Green-CA
Solo Division Silver Meadlist KWCUSA 2019
KWC World Ranked 19th Place Finalist
Valerisse Bell & Ishma Clark-AR
Duet Division Gold Medalists: KWCUSA 2019
Bronze Medalists: KWC World Finals 2019

2019: Michael White

2018: Male- Mikko Blaze Bordeaux ~ Female- Shelby Easley

2017: Male- Andy Navarrete ~ Female- Chyee Howell

2016: Male- Gabriel Much ~ Female- Laura Moreau

2015: Male- Jeff Edwards ~ Female- Valerisse

2014: Male- Anthony Montius Magee ~ Female- Miriam Kim

2013: Male- Carter Thomas ~ Female- Kimberly Evans

2012: Male- Cornelius Drew Andres ~ Female- Noelle Braun

2011: Male- Josh Scholl ~ Female- Cassandra Mae

2010: Male- Edward Pimentel ~ Female- Tami Marie

2009: Male- Brian Scott ~ Female- Rebecca Armstrong

2008: Male- Alex Peak ~ Female- Barbara Robbins

2007: Male- Michael Moses ~ Female- None for 2007

2006: No contestants sent

*2005: Male- Timothy Duff Morrison ~ Male- Michael Kelly

* First year for the US in KWC International

  KWCUSA National Solo Champions By Year:

2019: Valerisse Bell & Ishma Clark

2018: Mel Arizape & Laura Carriales

2017: Mikko Blaze & Beth Brennan

2016*: Lance Moore & Konomi Rivers

* First year for the division KWC International

  KWCUSA National Duet Champions By Year:

 Karaoke World Championships

 World Champions of the Past:


Now in its 18th year, the Karaoke World Championships is the largest and most prestigious international karaoke competition in the world. Regardless of race, nation or religion this multi-cultural international music event brings together singers from all over the world in the spirit of music, entertainment, and fun, the way only karaoke can. Karaoke World Championships is the opportunity for aspiring singers from all walks of life to perform on a world stage. KWCUSA is the only organization in the United States affiliated with the Karaoke World Championships.



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