Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Try Out for KWCUSA?...

           Any amateur singer over the age of 21 is eligible to compete in local bar venues or online video submissions.

What defines an "Amateur" singer?...

           For the context of this contest an amateur singer is one that does not sing for a living, making over 50% of their income in a professional capacity, regardless of whether or not they have a day job;  Does not perform in 52 or more shows a year.  Does not have a signed contract as a singer, does not have a manager and does not have a major label recording contract;  Does not have online profile portraying themselves as a professional singer.

*The organizers of KWC USA reserve the right to make the final decision regarding online profile including, but not limited to, websites and social media, over and above the amateur criteria

What if I perform occasionally?...

            If an entrant meets the above criteria but performs occasionally, used to perform, or has a CD release, they cannot have previously signed a major label recording deal.  If they have a CD or recordings available to the public, they must have paid for the entire production themselves, i.e. it is not the result of a major label recording contract 

Can KWCUSA Directors and sponsor venue hosts compete?...

           State Directors may not enter the competition for the year they hold that title.  Karaoke World Championships USA Co-coordinators such as any state liaison or ambassador are also ineligible for that contest year.  Employees of participating venues cannot enter the competition at the venue where they work. They can enter at another participating venue. Previous employees of a participating venue must have left employment of the venue by December 31st, 2017 to be eligible to enter at the same venue.

Definition of an Employee – An employee is anyone whose services are rendered or subcontracted, whether paid or not, by the associated business. 

Can KWCUSA Directors/sponsor hosts family members try out?...


Direct Family Members (as per definition below) of employees (as per definition above) cannot enter the competition where their family member works. They may enter the competition at another participating venue.

Definition of Direct Family Members – Includes direct family members, married partners, fiancées, boyfriends, girlfriends, and anyone who lives in the same household (whether they are related or not).


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