Membership FAQ:

What is my KWCUSA membership number? How can I find it?

Your membership number is found above your name on all mailings from KWCUSA including your membership card & renewal notices. If we have a valid and legible e-mail address, your number was also sent to you when you renewed/joined. You can also visit our forum with your new member profile.

How do I join or renew my membership with KWCUSA?

New and renewing members must either submit an application or register securly online. An application may be downloaded or one can be mailed or faxed to you by sending an email to Two months before your membership expires, you will begin to receive e-mail notices. You will also receive one renewal notice in the mail. Standard processing time for faxed or mailed applications is 2 business days.

What is my membership renewal date?

A membership is good for 12 months for members that renew by the due date. The memberships for officials/judges all expire as of September 30, regardless of when the official joined. Any official that joins or renews after September 30 will have their membership for less than 12 months. The fees are still the entire amount for one year (not pro-rated) and the membership is nonrefundable. Members who are cross participants including the official category will also have their membership expire on September 30. You will begin to receive e-mails two months before your membership expires.

What benefits do I receive with my membership?

KWCUSA members receive membership in local chapter, a monthly e-mail newsletter keeping you up to date on the KWCUSA around the country.  Members will also receive discounted tickets at Nationals, room rate discounts in Las Vegas, Duets discount on trial dues, video submission fees, and multiple others that will be released by Nationals! Also the online ranking system will be based on memberships, non paid members will not see live scores. Members will pay $10.00 each attempt to qualify while non members will pay $15.00 per trial.  Members also will receive discounted merchandise, discounted admission to the KWCUSA Events, eligibility to compete in special members only KWCUSA events, knowledge of supporting the growth and development of the sport, access to programs and services and ability to utilize national partnerships.

How can I update my record including a change of address or personal information?

Members may now update their personal information on our web site. Utilizing a secure KWCUSA web page, members may post their updated information directly into our database. If preferred, you may also e-mail any changes in personal information to Be sure to include the former information, corrected or new information, the member's name, and member number.


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