The Official Keep On Singing Rules 2018

Participation Guidelines


  • Contestant must be 21 or older as of the date of participation in the Keep on Singing! Competition.

  • Contestants MUST NOT have a recording contract, perform more than 52 times per year, or make more than 50% of their income through singing, as this level of performing is considered as a professional singer.

  • Contestant must be able to meet the general requirements of representing WA state at the KWCUSA National Finals event.

  • Contestants must have, or be able to obtain, a passport for international travel if eventually placed through as the US representative at the KWC World Finals in Malaga Spain 2018.

  • Contestants must be available weekly every Thursday night from February 8th to March 29th in order to complete the Keep on Singing Competition.

  • Contestants must arrive on time and stay through the duration of the show weekly.

  • Contestants will be performing at random so all participants are required to be at the venue 10-15 minutes prior to show time each week.

  • If chosen, contestants will receive weekly vocal coaching from their team coach, contestants must make reasonable effort to meet up with their coach at least once a week for a training session.

  • Contestants will be required to fully learn a new song including all lyrics, in a randomized appointed genre, with their vocal coach each week. (No lyrics screen will be provided)

  • Song selections must be turned in by your vocal coaches no later than Monday afternoon at 12 pm.  Songs are locked in at this time and can not be changed.  No direct entries by contestants will be accepted.

  • Contestants will be judged by a 10-point scale based on the international KWC criteria: Voice, Technique, Artistry, and Stage Presence.  (You can find full descriptions of these criteria on the website at

  • Contestants are encouraged to work with their coaches on overall song selection, wardrobe, and styling each week for each genre selection.

  • Keep on Singing is an open and inclusive competition and the production team reserves the right to remove any contestant that is infringing on the continued goal of creating an encouraging enriching experience for everyone involved.



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